Restorative Options for Youth in Care

Youth in care often have traumatic histories. ROYC represents a true collaborative partnership between the Department of Justice, Department of Community Services, HomeBridge Youth Society, and Community Justice Society. This collaboration allows a more complete Restorative Justice experience for youth in care.

ROYC is an intervention model that allows for a more timely and relevant provision of Restorative Justice services to youth in residential care facilities who come into conflict with the law and are referred to the Nova Scotia Restorative Justice (NSRJ) program.

A Youth Care Framework to assess the needs of the youth has been incorporated into the management review. It generates a better, fuller understanding of the youth. This information is used to aid in the development of a restorative justice agreement, thereby providing meaningful experiences and learning opportunities for the youth. A Restorative Practices model of intervention is complimented by the Youth Care approach.