Community Justice Society is a non-profit organization established in 1999.  CJS administers the Restorative Justice Program for the Department of Justice. The Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program works with youth (12-17 years old) and Adults (18 & over) and provides them an alternative avenue from the court system to repair the harm caused by their actions. CJS also delivers other community programs in the Halifax Regional Municipality, as well as advocates and educates about restorative justice. 

Vision Statement:

To eliminate the involvement of youth in the criminal justice system.

Mission statement:

To provide a community-based restorative justice process, offering meaningful ways to repair the harms caused by youth crime and restoring positive relationships among youth in conflict with the law, victims of youth crime, and our community.

To foster and nurture restorative justice, the Society educates and advocates for community engagement in crime prevention and the building of positive relationships among all community members.