Stoplift is a two-hour program for youth with a referral to the Community Justice Society as a result of shoplifting. It is delivered approximately once a month at the CJS office.

Youth in the Stoplift program attend an intake meeting and later participate in an educational session that explores the economic and personal costs of retail theft.  Youth are led to assess the impact of their actions on families, retailers, store employees, consumers and themselves.

Participants are also educated in the criminal justice system and the consequences of being in conflict with the law.

“I Enjoy facilitating Stoplift because I like the diverse group of youth. I find that in a group of peers, youth are moreopen, honest and willing to share their experience. The stories may appear similar on paper, but hearing why and how a youth ended up with a shoplifting charge are as diverse as the youth themselves.” – Stoplift Program Facilitator