Community Partners

Community Justice Society is responsible for administering the Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program in a service delivery arrangement with the Department of Justice. However, we also partner with many other community organizations and programs that work with youth and communities.

Our partners include other community organizations in the HRM like community centers, businesses, and government. We also collaborate with other restorative justice organizations provincially, nationally, and internationally to provide updated, current restorative processes to our clients and communities.

The Department of Justice

Community Justice Society works in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice to deliver the Nova Scotia Restorative Justice Program (NSRJP). The NSRJP has a set of best practices and protocol standards that CJS, as well as all other agencies delivering the NSRJP across the province, adhere to.  

For more information on this partnership please visit the Nova Scotia Department of Justice website.

Public Prosecution

Public Prosecution Services prosecutes charges laid by the police under the Criminal Code and under Nova Scotian statutes (ie - acts or legislation) like the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Liquor Control Act.

Cases are handled by lawyers called “Crown Attorneys”. There are approximately 80 Crown Attorneys across the province that handle 40,000 cases each year. Crown attorneys are responsible for referring many young offenders to restorative justice and Community Justice Society works closely with them to ensure young offenders, persons harmed, and communities are given full justice through the process.

For more information about the Public Prosecution Services please visit their website:

Court Administration

The Court Administration Services provides assistance to Community Justice Society. For more information about their services, visit their website at

Halifax Youth Attendance Centre

The Halifax Youth Attendance Centre (HYAC) addresses the needs of moderate to high-rish youth under court ordered community supervision in the HRM. It provides services including youth mental health, education, employment support and addictions programs. It is managed by a team of probation officers to ensure compliance with court orders.

HYAC is administered by the Department of Justice in a collaborative partnership with the Department of Education, Community Services and Health, and their service providers.

For more information, please visit their website:

Police Services

Community Justice Society works with various police services on a regular basis. Not only are police responsible for referring young offenders to the Restorative Justice Program, but they also participate in our talking circles as community representatives and volunteer their services to helping us prevent crime by participating in community events and dropping in on our community programs.

Community Justice Society works closely with:

  • Halifax Regional Police Service  [Link to HRM Police Services]
  • RCMP Detachments:  Cole Harbour, Musquodobit Harbour, North Preston, Tantallon, Sackville [Links to each detachment if available]


Probation Services:

Community Justice Society works closely with Probation Services in Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford. We work with probation officers to ensure young offenders are properly rehabilitated and complete their assigned contract terms like community service hours and educational programs or counselling.

For more information about Probation Services, please visit their website:

[Would be great to have a picture of CJS staff and POs in front of the courthouse during a Thursday court session]

Legal Aid Services

Community Justice Society works with various legal aid services. Legal aid provides free legal services to young offenders (and adults) facing criminal chargers. Although services are based on financial need, some of their services are available to all Nova Scotians.

Community Justice Society Works with two legal aid providers:

  • Nova Scotia Legal Aid  []
  • Dalhousie Legal Aid []


Community Organizations

Community Justice Society works with many community organizations, including recreational and service centers. We work with the East Preston Recreation Association to deliver our East Preston Youth Night and other recreational programs like the EAST (Education, Action, Strength, Truth) afterschool program.

Homebridge Youth Society

The Homebridge Youth Society was incorporated in 1977. It is a charitable, non-profit organization established by social workers who identified a need for residential care in the child welfare system. Currently, up to 40 high risk youth between the ages of 12-18 can receive individualized service in community setting and approximately 120 youth reside in their facilities annually while in the temporary or permanent care of the Minister of Community Services.

For more information, please visit their website:

IIRP (International Institute of Restorative Practices

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School is the world’s first graduate school wholly devoted to restorative practices. Their faculty is dedicated to helping individuals find new ways to empower people and transform communities. Their campus is located in Bethlehem, PA. The IIRP supports Community Justice Society with training and other restorative justice resources.

For more information about the IIRP, please visit their website: