The Hive Girls Group

The Hive Girls Group started in the summer of 2013 and is geared toward young women in the North Dartmouth area aged 12 to 17. The group typically meets weekly for two hours at “the Hive” located at the Demetreous Lane Community Center.

The group aims to create a safe place for girls to learn and lead their communities through their own voices. They chat and journal about issues important to teen girls and empower the girls to rise above life’s obstacles. They accomplish this through sharing sessions with each other and their communities, as well as through workshops, guest speakers and youth leader projects.

The group has had guest speakers including artists, anti-violence advocates and social workers come to speak with the girls and encourage them to seek opportunities to better their futures.

This group is currently on hold respecting public health restrictions. It is anticipated to commence once safely able to do so. Facilitators continue to be available to support youth and their families virtually as needed.