Our Values

Community Justice Society uses best practice standards to deliver its services. These standards are guided by 10 principles and values:

1. Focus on Needs – We focus on what needs to be done to repair harm and restore relationships.

2. Respect – This is an essential value of restorative justice to ensure all participants are comfortable and experience a safe and supportive process.

3. Voluntary – Restorative justice is only truly restorative if all participants freely agreed to be part of the restorative process.

4. Accountability – The offender must be willing to be accountable to the victim and community; conversely, the community must be willing to be accountable to the offender to prevent future harms.

5. Victim Voice – The victim is central in the process of defining the harm and how it might be repaired. This value honours the unique experience of victims and supports them within their terms. It means the victim has a voice in shaping the outcome.

6. Empowerment – It is important for a victim and community to have the opportunity to express themselves and for the offender to understand the consequences of their actions. Allowing all participants to shape the process enables them to move beyond the harm.

7. Community Participation and Connectedness – This is a crucial element of restorative justice. It creates an opportunity for the victim to receive additional support while simultaneously holding offenders accountable.

8. Inclusiveness and Balance – We are sensitive to the needs of everyone who is affected by the process. This seeks to address power and structural imbalances that sometimes cause or perpetuate harms.

9. Flexibility – We accommodate the real-world realities that people face and the unique perspectives and opinions that shape the restorative process.

10. Safety – We strive to provide an environment where everyone is safe and comfortable to participate.