Options to Anger (O2A)

Options to Anger (O2A) is a program available to clients of Community Justice Society who identify issues or concerns about anger.  The O2A program is an interactive program focused on helping participants acknowledge and reduce their anger.

The idea behind using the terminology “options” rather than “management” is to recognize that the goal of the program is not to manage anger as it occurs, but to teach useful tools to employ instead of anger.

The O2A program is a 7-session program.  Each session is approximately 2 hours in length and the program is delivered over 7 consecutive weeks.

Through the program, participants learn to:

  • Identify invitations to anger and recognize that there is a choice to accept, or not accept, an invitation;
  • Become aware of early warning signs in our bodies and minds that precede anger;
  • Develop and begin to use skills to interrupt the Anger Cycle and diffuse anger.


Developed in 1989, the O2A program is property of CAF Associates in Eugene, Oregon.  O2A was first brought to the HRM in 2000.  Versions of the program are available through Correctional Services and several school boards across NS.

This program is by referral only and priority is given to clients in the Restorative Justice Program. Please speak to caseworker to discuss.