Ceasefire Halifax

Ceasefire Halifax is a non-profit, community-based project partially funded by Public Safety Canada, Nova Scotia Department of Justice and implemented by Community Justice Society.

Ceasefire tries to eliminate violence, in particular gun violence, within their communities by working directly with those who run a high risk of becoming, or are currently involved in, violent activity. The primary focus of the program is on African Nova Scotian males between the ages of 16 and 24 years old. Ceasefire works primarily in the communities of North and Central Halifax, North Dartmouth, and North and East Preston.

Ceasefire deploys “interrupters” to engage and defuse conflicts through various mediation techniques and encourage non-violent solutions. They provide the necessary support that individuals-at-risk need to change their lifestyles, in addition to public education through ongoing involvement in community activities and mentoring. Ceasefire also uses community mobilization to encourage citizens to take action against violence.

“Forgot to text you and say this after our meeting but I appreciate that you have faith in me and notice what I’m capable of, I never really had a father figure in my life and for you to look me in my face and tell me you wanna help me means more to me than anything. I wanna thank you for giving me the chance to prove myself I can chance how I act in the community and thank you for being my supporter behind all of my future success. -- Testimonial text message from client to outreach worker

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