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A Way Through

Community Justice Society Presents

“A Way Through”

Celebrating the National Victims of Crime Awareness Week

A Way Through from Atlantic Restorative Company Inc on Vimeo.

This is ARC's debut film. It is an invitation to those who have been harmed by crime, encouraging them to participate in the restorative justice process. The film creates the space for the voices of those who have been harmed and those who help them through the restorative justice process. "A Way Through" reflects on the neurology, psychology and sociology of the modern use of the talking circle which is rooted in customary law and spiritual practices of First Nations and Aboriginal peoples. It shows how restorative justice works to try and restore the community, the person responsible for the harm, and the person harmed to one another and to themselves. It offers a different way through the pain, anger and emotional impacts so often experienced by the “victim” of crime and shows the safe, deep and empowering power of the restorative approach. A Way Through was created and produced using restorative practices and circles with cast and crew, making it a unique film experience inside and out.